Hi! I'm Chris Glenn, a concept designer in the film industry and the creator of Space-Ops 3030.

Space-Ops originated from a collection of sketchbook drawings  that I created while working in VFX in LA. The combination of cute and cool elements was interesting, and I continued to create more art to expand the world. It provided a refreshing change of style from my usual work, and felt more like play than a job.

At this same time, my kids were getting into tabletop gaming over the summer, with fun miniatures, models and game boards. They quickly hit upon a problem however: The amount of books and rules to play was overwhelming. Once you finally could play, the rules were overly complicated and games took forever. We asked ourselves, why not make a Space-Ops game that was way easier to play? With easily accessible rules you can download. And how about turning a bunch of the fun artwork I’d been creating into models and miniatures? 

So during the pandemic, we did that. We’re starting small and indie with limited model releases, starting with the Mono-Tank. Upcoming are the game rules and a small line of miniatures, starting with the highly trained Arc-Rangers of the Reach. Stay tuned as we release more fun stuff!

For business inquiries, reach out to glenn@spaceops3030.com